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Alright! So, you’ve gone to, you’ve got your Trust 101 course and your trust and you are ready to register it with Secretary of State. Well, Hallelujah you’ve come to the right post because today, John shows you the step by step process on registering!

If you are going to apply for credit with your trust you MUST have it registered with the SoS. Any credit line will check your registration to make sure your trust is registered business, this is the process for all corporations. However, some states may not allow a trust to register with the SoS so do your research! This video will go over the Florida form so it will be based on the general gist of things and not the exact process according to your state. Sometimes this process can be confusing so the purpose of this video is to grant some understanding for those who need it!

This form does have to be notarized and you will need a postal money order for the amount stated on the form or mandated by your state. Your postal order will be made out to the given address for your Department of State. You will need to send in an original and a copy of your declaration of trust for notary. If you have taken our Trust 101 course, you know that it is highly recommended to get TWO ORIGINALS of your Declaration of Trust for reasons such as this and as a fail safe. 

Your original will be mailed back to you with and official notary and they will keep the copy for their records.

Once you have been registered, you are now ready to start the process of getting credit with your trust! Our Business Finance course can help you through this process, so check it out!

If you have any other questions about this process, as always, feel free to contact us on our website!

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