Within an hour I had my [trust] account with B of A. I look forward to get goin’ with the rest of the program. 

-Charlie, Student

Here is proof of our 508(c)(1)(A) Trust getting EIDL funding.

-John McCaig, CFO

I found Jack’s work, and found it to be very interesting. The more I looked into it, I thought this is something that I need to take advantage of.

-Greg, Student

No matter where you are [financially], it always seems like the Trust is just able to help you.

-Zach, Student

Here you will find our Testimonial Compilation video composed of multiple success stories at once from our Liberty Aid students.

-Liberty Aid Students

I feel guarded, guided, protected, and directed.

-David, Student

I opened up the Bulletproof Trust in Canada!

-Dustin McCaig

Just a few weeks ago I was in a place feeling scared, desperate, and pretty alone. I was dealing with pretty aggressive debt collectors and banksters. An angel on Earth sent me some information about John McCaig… and I am SO grateful. Eternally. 

Kristine, Student