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I went through all the programs. I can't thank you guys enough. I was able to get an attorney and he's helping me fight the case. It's really helped me with leveraging myself out of this situation.

-Scott, Student

Own nothing, control everything. The proof is in the pudding! Thank you, John!

-Jaron, Student

The appointment lasted about 45 minutes, not even an hour! It was so smooth and easy. It was not complicated at all!

-Teresa, Student

I found Jack’s work, and found it to be very interesting. The more I looked into it, I thought this is something that I need to take advantage of.

-Greg, Student

I feel guarded, guided, protected, and directed.

-David, Student

I opened up the Bulletproof Trust in Canada!

-Dustin, Student

Just a few weeks ago I was in a place feeling scared, desperate, and pretty alone. I was dealing with pretty aggressive debt collectors and banksters. An angel on Earth sent me some information about John McCaig… and I am SO grateful. Eternally. 

Kristine, Student