Amy is an innate adventurer, mighty Aquarius, and of course, very proud Hufflepuff.

She prescribes to the notion that “If you want a legendary life, you need to apply a legendary lens,” and @flamin_ames has become just that as a writer, editor, and our production manager; our legendary lens through which we peer through. Amy began working with John McCaig as a social media coordinator, but with her talent in writing and pursuing her Masters in Creative Writing in one of her state’s top writing programs, she quickly began work as a writer and editor for the team.

John and Amy started work in January of 2020 to update and rewrite all of Johns’s previous work to create the Academy’s courses and e-book materials for our students. She has now advanced to leading the way for our production team and it’s major projects.

Amy has always been a helper and a healer and is drawn to the good works that The Academy is doing. She brings a breath of fresh air and an affirmative lens for us here at the Academy and its students to view the world through.It is with great honor and pleasure that we have such a multi-talented, kind, and dedicated expert on our team to bring to life and develop the solid foundation Liberty Aid Academy is built.


Carolie oversees and manages Liberty Aid Academy’s Tier 1 First Line Support, the initial support level responsible for basic student issues. With Carolie, our students will find a happy, friendly, help desk resolution and service desk delivery. 

Carolie began working with John and Daisy in early 2019 and has been a valuable member in helping to grow the foundation to support the growth that became the Liberty Aid Academy School. Carolie works with our students to prioritize customer support and needs for our students.  

Our Director Daisy says, “At Liberty Aid Academy we offer an environment of nurturing and that starts with our first line of support, Carolie offers that to our students. Without Carolie being our lighthouse, watching over the needs of our students, we would not be able to meet the mission of the school to provide exceptional  and attentive, technical, and student online support.” 

Liberty Aid was blessed to find such a competent and kind support manager to offer our students. Before joining the Liberty Aid Academy team, Carolie spent over six years as a Customer Service and Hardware/Software Support Technician for Large Enterprise, Corporate and Small & Medium Companies in the Asia-Pacific, U.S., and the U.K. She is tech-savvy, dynamic, and always eager to learn and try new things, and firmly believes that one can strive to be the best in everything with due diligence.  

Carolie enjoys reading books, watching K-dramas, or just simply basking in the afternoon sun while she spends time with her 2-year old daughter


Our talented team is directed and conducted to keep the Academy in tune like a fine orchestra making beautiful music by Director, Shannon.    

Shannon’s top priority is to ensure the vision of the academy and Trust. The student’s experience above all else is maintained with 100% service to each and every student before, during, and after enrollment.  

With over a decade of directly applying John McCaig’s methods, Shannon is the first one to use the Trust of founder John McCaig. This unique training equips her with insightful knowledge and behind the scenes experience that provides real and lasting change so that each student has the opportunity to fulfill his or her potential. Already being a long-term student herself, combined with her previous work experience, cutting-edge creativity, and absolute devotion to serving our clients makes Shannon, our Director of School Operations, a joy to work with on the Academy Team. 

Shannon brings a balance to the director position, having degrees, awards, and work experience in the arts and technology. Her previous decades of work with universities, museums, nonprofits, and for-profit business, graces our Academy with her altruistic qualities. Her rich history as a non-traditional educator, operations/production manager, artist, and humanities expert was the benevolent structure that led Shannon to be our co-founder at Liberty Aid Academy.  

“In all my work, since my early days working with at-risk children, to teaching to design online education for refugees utilizing my technology skills, it was always with the intention to serve, to make a difference in people’s lives, and to spread a little brightness. I am blessed to provide that daily in my work at the Academy and I look forward to making a positive difference in our student’s lives.”  

 John describes Shannon’s role here at the Academy as “Team super leader artist Co-founder Director of the Academy- Shannon is the driving force behind the Academy operations and management. If it happened here at the Academy then Shannon watched over the entire process and made sure the student got a super joyful experience out of our team efforts.” 

Dillon - Social Media Manager

Dillon has a background in coding and computer so like most of his type, he works in true incognito fashion. He is the (hidden) face behind all the media outreach we do, as well as the interactions you have on social media with us!


Tammy is Executive Assistant, head of tier II support, and an in-house expert for Liberty Aid Academy. She has trained with John McCaig since January 2020.  

 She was raised in America’s Heartland and believes in good old fashion values and respect for others. While raising 3 sons she was fortunate enough to work at home to gain the knowledge and skills needed to pursue the position she has now.   

 She has almost 18 years of working as an independent contractor as a Virtual Assistant, Customer Service Representative, and Marketing Account Manager.  

 Tammy has been incredibly happy with her position here at Liberty Aid Academy. She says she loves her job because she knows she is helping others gain freedom and wisdom on how the system works. And the people she works with are so down to earth and friendly. Great people, great workplace.  

 She is very excited to have been in on the development of the School and is looking forward to seeing what the future holds