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Personal Finance 101

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This is an explanation of how to get from a poor personal credit rating to a high rating. FICO personal credit scores are on a scale between 300 – 850. There isn’t really much or any credit available below a score of 650. The exceptions to this are student loans and secured credit cards.

Both of these can help raise credit scores that are low. Really good deals on credit don’t really start to happen until your personal credit score hits 720. Then you really get great credit limits and great offers on credit. So the trick is building up the personal score as high as possible.

Once you get to a score of 700 or 725 you can begin to build the credit even faster. This happens BEST once you have removed all the derogatoriness and inquiries from your personal credit report using the methods in Personal Accounting 101.

You will learn:

  • How to build and improve personal credit

  • ​How to obtain higher credit limits

  • ​How to get approved for premium credit cards

  • ​How to use the power of the Trust