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The Trust As A Business

This course, "The Trust As A Business," is intended to be used in conjunction with the Trust 101 or McCaig Mastery Trust strategies. We highly recommend that customers who have not yet invested in one of these products to consider doing so before purchasing this course.

Unlock the full potential of trust-based business operations with our dynamic course, led by John McCaig. Discover the advantages of using trusts to streamline your business management, from tax efficiency to asset protection.

Course Highlights:

  1. Master Trusts and Legal Entities: Learn how to separate your personal identity from business operations using trust structures, maximizing your financial security.

  2. Optimize Revenue Streams: Leverage your trust's bank account for seamless transactions, integrating top platforms like Shopify and PayPal.

  3. License and Insurance Tips: Manage licenses under your trust's name for risk mitigation and ensure compliance, keeping your operations smooth.

  4. Power of Common Law Trusts: Discover the flexibility and reduced tax obligations of non-statutory common law trusts, giving your business a competitive edge.

Benefits of Trusts for Business:

  • Tax Savings: Keep more of your earnings by separating business income from personal earnings.

  • Asset Protection: Safeguard your personal assets from potential business liabilities.

  • Operational Flexibility: Effortlessly manage multiple businesses under one trust, reducing administrative burdens.

  • Privacy and Security: Protect your privacy with a trust structure, keeping your financial transactions separate from personal matters.

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