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 about the IRS?”

Ah, the question we hear the most. Our answer: “What about them?”

People are so thrown off by the idea of not paying taxes that they think the IRS can’t possibly be okay with this. But the reality is that they offer this! They provide this trust, they provide the EIN for this trust. They facilitate it! So no, you will never hear from them, they will never try to take everything from you… spoiler alert: They can’t anyway if everything your person would own is in the trust! But the big picture here is, this method is completely legal. In the many years that John and later down the road, his team, have been doing this work, not a single student or client have heard a peep from the IRS. 

So, blow your worries away. This is REAL and it is PROVEN

Til next time, 

Don’t Worry, Be Happy!

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