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The Great Deception E-Book

In the following testament, the author, John McCaig, takes you on his journey through the wild world of banking.

In 2008, the banks changed the rules mid-game, and John lost business, assets, and reputation. Having been a responsible "tax and bill paying citizen, John was mystified by his loss and the loss he saw so many others experiencing. He wanted to know the truth, the why, and how to fix it. Determined and unaccepting of this unfair and unjust treatment, John made it his mission to discover how the banking systems in America today elude the masses and consistently profit. With his MBA and Masters's in Accounting, John uses his knowledge of money and finance to find alternatives within the banking systems and laws to help the average person and business profit just as the Elite have.

This quick read will leave you scratching your head and wondering how this information has remained unknown to the general public. Explore the covert corridors of banking secrets and come out with a new sense of empowerment over your financial position and rightful freedom.