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Trust 101 Foundation Edition

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Discover everything you need to know about how to operate a tax exempt trust that any individual or business can use. Learn the fundamentals about laws associated with our tax exempt trust. Understand why other types of corporations fall short of using our trust. And most importantly, develop your knowledge of how to open and operate your own trust for a lifetime of wealth security and protection. Apply and master the financial literacy we teach you to unlock it’s potential for your own life, family and or business.

A 1-on-1 advising session with Daniel James, who will provide you with a customized wealth management plan helping you achieve your goals.

This course includes access to a 1 hour instructional video on how exactly to open your trust bank account with every detail needed for your success. You also get access to our secret video library that will give you insider knowledge of trust use, principles, tips, and hacks. 

Take control of your financial education with the Advanced Financial Solutions course which is included for free. This integrative video course has been developed over the many years of John McCaig's work and will expand on your foundational knowledge. Here you will find information on over 50 different topics that give you advanced and in-depth insight. In addition, you also get access to our advanced library with many FAQ’s about trust topics and unique situational questions answered.

Course Breakdown:
  • If you start looking into the world of trusts you will quickly be overwhelmed with the amount of information available. Everyone from Harvard lawyers to the IRS has weighed in on the topic of trusts. At least… they’ve weighed in on trusts which are“within their jurisdiction”.
  • And while there are millions of trust variations that are“within their jurisdiction”, there is only one that is not! This trust is the ONLY trust that has proven to beimpenetrable,even when taken to court, thus protecting the assets it’s sworn to keep safe.
  • So who would find this type of trust useful? Well, probably every man, woman and child on Earth; however, the language within this document has been crafted for those within the United States. This trust allows you to operate in commerce, with the potential for NO TAXES, due to being in the private realm. Taxes are a voluntary system and only mandatory for employees of the federal government. Now if for some reason you do work for the government, you can donate your money into the trust and it counts as a tax deductible for you as the donor!
  • NOTE: A trust can also access corporate credit with no personal liability. Look for theBusiness Finance 101 to learn how to have no personal liability in the future.
  • Follow the numbered documents and instructions to get started correctly. Within hours you'll have your bank account open and the trust protecting your assets.
  • Trust PDF
  • Trust Declaration PDF